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Heat Shrinkable Breakouts - Three Cores

Constructed of cross-linked polyolefin material, which forms flexible and durable connections. Ribbed liner on inside provides better grip and airtight sealing. UV-resistant for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Heat Shrinkable Breakouts - Four Cores

This Product is same as Heat Shrinkable Breakouts - Three Cores except that it has four cores as shown in figure at left side.

Heat Shrinkable Rain Caps

These are used to provide insulation protection for Cable outdoor termination. GMG provides high quality rain caps of standard sizes.

Heat Shrinkable Right Angle Boot

Generally the integral part of termination assembly of power cable upto 36 KV, which provides insulation to the bushings in the terminating box, where the clearance between phase to phase and phase to earth is less than the normal air clearance. The insulated assembly by use of these boots provides protection against flashovers, short circuiting which may be due to highly humid conditions, rodent menace and surge impulse. These boots are produced from cross linked polyolefin materials.

Heat Shrinkable End-Caps

Heat Shrinkable End-Caps are most commonly used for cable applications in electrical distribution and industrial networks. Made from superior quality materials, these accessories are checked for reliability under high electrical, thermal and environmental stress.

Heat Shrinkable Divider

Heat Shrinkable Divider are used to instulate joints. They are constructed of cross linked polyolefin materials.

Aluminium Lugs and Farruels

Aluminium Lugs is made of rod material, suitable for aluminium strand non-impacted core, oil-barrier and anti-moisture.
Aluminium farruels is made of tubing material, suitable for the straight connection of aluminium strand non-impacted core.