GMG International

What We Do

GMG International is Established by S. P. Singh way back in 1998, when Globalization of Indian Industory was just starting to happen and Industry was going through a transition to Open Economy. That was the time when Indians started to Compete with Global Players in terms of Reliability and Quality of their Products and Services.

GMG was quick to realize this phenomena and started to evolve a Standard Processes in its Operational Methods to compete with the best in the Industory. Soon it became a known and respected Symbol in the Region and started to expand its Network through Dealers all over India and Abroad.

GMG is having its Head Office and Manufacturing Unit at Yamuna Nagar. The Dealer Network all over India ensures the Best and Reliable Services.

We take utmost care in all our operations like Manufacturing, Assembling and Transportation to make sure that the End User get Optimal Value for Investment. All of the Products go through Standard Quality Check Procedure by Expert Technical Staff to ensure the Safety Aspect.