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GMG International is known for Quality Manufacturer and Trader of Heat Shrinkable Termination Kits. We are a Reliable Symbol in the Region for more than 10 Years.


A long and Satisfied list of Customers constantly motivates us to Innovate our Products at Regular Basis to make them more Reliable, Secure and Cost Effective. Please have a look at our products to know more.


What are Heat Shrinkable Electrical Products?

Heat shrink is used to insulate wires offering abrasion resistance and environmental protection for conductors, connections, joints and terminals in electrical engineering.

It can also be used to repair wires or bundle them together, to protect wires or small parts from minor abrasion, and to create cable entry seals, offering environmental sealing protection between bulkheads and adding sealability to electrical junction boxes. The Heat shrinkable is placed over the connection to be protected and then heated with an oven, hot air gun or similar tool (Source: Wikipedia).


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